Thursday, 7 June 2012

Choosing between an above ground pool and an in ground pool

By Ben Dover

It's a wonderful thing having a pool! On hot days, there is nothing better than knowing you can have a quick splash around and feel 100% better! However having a pool installed in your back garden can be quite the ordeal. It all depends on what sort of pool you decide to go for. Your choices are basically to have an above ground pool, or an in ground pool. Thankfully, above ground pools have come a long way in the last few year and are no longer the sort of falling down wood frames they used to be.

Most families will go for an above ground pool. There are a number of reasons for this. The main one being the price. Above ground pools can be gotten very reasonably, and they can provide essentially what a family wants from a pool, which is a place to enjoy the water when it's hot. There is not need to pay for a landscaping contractor, a pool contractor, or hire a pool designer. You can usually put above ground pools up yourself.

Safety is always a priority when dealing with pools. They can be incredibly fun things to have, but also very dangerous. When you have an above ground pool, you automatically eliminate much of the danger of an in ground pool. As you have to usually step up and climb on something in order to get inside, there is little risk of a small child simply falling in. It's also less likely that there will be a diving accident in an above ground pool as the depth is much more obvious where it can be easily mistaken in an in ground pool.

One of the biggest hassles of owning a pool is cleaning it. However pools need to be cleaned regularly in order to stay in good condition. An in ground pool naturally attracts a lot more dirt and debris with it being on the same level as the ground, where an above ground pool tends to collect less, and even less with a proper cover installed

For an average everyday family, an above ground pool seems to make the most sense. Unless you are prepared to completely pay for and maintain an in ground pool, an above ground pool tends to suit the needs of families just wanting to have as splash around.

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