Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dentist In Omaha Offers Mini Dental Implant Services To Patients

By Emilia Kibbe

Dentures can be difficult to get used to, in particular lower ones. It's not comforting to worry about dentures coming loose when speaking or laughing, or that they will be pulled out by some types of food. The good news is, now there is a new dental innovation to solve these issues, mini dental implants. They are designed to keep dentures from moving around and improves their appearance. An Omaha dentist who offers these implants can install them for patients they are suitable for.

This effective system works to keep dentures snugly in place. Titanium posts are fitted into the patient's jawbone, acting similar to tooth roots. Fastening ends that correspond to these posts attach onto the dentures and snap into place. They take less time to install than regular implants and are also less expensive.

The procedure to place them only takes one or two hours, with a local anesthetic. There is no need for incisions and sutures. Given this, the time needed to heal is also considerably shorter than with regular dental implants. It is a fairly simple procedure that most dentists can perform in their offices.

These implants are ideal for people who have experienced bone loss in the jaw and are not eligible for regular implants. They are also suitable for elderly people who are not up to the more extensive standard installation. Affordability is another attractive selling point about them.

After having the mini implants installed, the many benefits will become apparent. Foods that were not an option before, can now be eaten. They no longer have to be self conscious when talking and laughing. Sticky, ineffective denture adhesives become a thing of the past. The overall health of the mouth is improved and bone retention is increased.

Mini dental implants are a good solution for people who have problems with their dentures slipping and the associated food restrictions. Affordable and simple to install many denture wearers are choosing them. By making an appointment with an Omaha dentist who offers this service, patients can learn more about them.

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