Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Westcott Scissors Are The Best

By Shawn Houston

People the world over love Westcott scissors for their quality and reputation for being long lasting. Both professionals and home users prefer the brand, which comes in several tough and high quality models. Look for these common features of quality and see for yourself why these products are the best out there.

It is not hard to identify low quality scissors. One need simply look at the basic parts. Dull blades and products that are heavy and unbalanced are hallmarks of low quality. They will also break easily and be hard, if not impossible, to repair.

Westcott takes pride in crafting products that do not suffer from these issues. They are very sharp and each model will effortlessly cut the materials for which it is designed. They are light and feel balanced in the hand of the user. Where many use a rivet to join the cutting edges, these are joined with a screw, which allows them to be easily lubricated, adjusted or repaired. Finally, the edges are molded into the plastic handle, while the blades of lower quality scissors are often inserted into precut slots in the handles afterwards, contributing to their breakability.

Kids models come in not just blunt tip and pointed tip varieties, but also a range of exciting colors. Great for use by both righties and lefties, they have a soft handle. A 10 year manufacturer warranty protects the product.

Kids nonstick models are resistant to the adhesive in glue, tape and other craft products. Any buildup wipes off with a damp cloth. They carry the same warranty as Microban kids models.

Titanium bonded models feature keen, long lasting edges. Their lightweight material is three times stronger than stainless steel. They are corrosion and rust resistant and experience less friction than their stainless steel counterparts. As with all other Westcott products, they are protected by a 10 year manufacturer warranty. westcott scissors

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