Saturday, 11 February 2012

Coping with Sleep Problems

By Julie Burton

A surprising number of people suffer with issues when it comes to sleeping. For most people it is a temporary problem, which resolves itself. However, for others dealing with sleep problems is a very nearly nightly problem. The reason for this difficulty in sleeping varies, so finding the primary cause and solving the issue is not always easy.

Solving sleep problems can take a bit of time. If you are lucky, the first thing you try will solve the problem. However, most people have to try different treatments before finding a solution. If you suffer from occasional problems going to sleep or staying asleep, trying over the counter remedies is a good idea.

However, if you have trouble sleeping every night and have already tried the basics you should seek help from your doctor. Sleep deprivation has a very negative effect on your life and health, so seek help sooner rather than later.

In most cases, a temporary loss of the capacity to fall asleep is due to stress. This means that when you can handle the strain you are under it is possible to solve your sleeping problems. Even if you cannot solve the underlying causes of the stress you are feeling, putting yourself into a more relaxed frame of mind can help you to sleep.

Having a bath helps most people who have difficulty falling asleep. Simply taking a bath around 30 mins or an hour before going to bed works wonders for most people. Stay in long enough to raise your body temperature a little and relax your muscles. Reading helps a lot of people to fall asleep, but you should not do your reading in bed before going to sleep. It is better to read in the front room without the TV on and go to bed once you feel relaxed.

You are more than 78 known sleep problems, so establishing the cause of your sleep problem and treating it can be difficult. However, in addition to relaxing before bed some people find herbal or over the counter remedies help them. Should you choose take these types of remedies, make sure that you buy branded products. Never just take anything, even if it is herbal, that you are not sure has been properly manufactured. Always follow the instructions on the packet, in particular, do not take more than is recommended.

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