Friday, 10 February 2012

Adapting To The Modern World

By Brandon Gilbert

So in this piece we're going to find out about Reishi Mushroom and one or two other extraordinary herbs. Reishi is perhaps the biggest herb on the planet. And why I say that, why I make that claim, is this herb is the most scientifically analyzed of any herb ever known, ever studied. On top of that, it's one of the most revered, if not the most respected, herb of all of ancient China.

Now also, cordyceps as well as astragalus are immune-modulating also. As a few other herbs that are modulating to the immunological system, but in an alternative way.

The first one would be polyrachis ant. That is also an immune-modulator, and very good for the immunological system as it actually helps with the growth and the maintenance of the fimus gland, which is a gland that appears to sort of shrivel up and wither away as we grow older, and it's a really critical and significant part of our immune system.

So the second herb would be gynostemma. Gynostemma is truthfully, speaking of, I want to take a drink now...gynostemma is maybe one of the best adaptagens on the planet, and it has 82-88-100 different adaptagenic sapanins, depending on who you talk to or what research you read, there's varied numbers. But fundamentally, it's also an immune tonic, and immune-modulating thing, but in a marginally different way because it has subtly different personalities, slightly different chemical makeup. So you can see if you add in a wide variety of immune herbs, immune tonics, and cycle them thru over a period and just experiment and change it up, you may have a pretty overwhelming line up.

Because each of these different things sort of hit things at an alternative angle and modulate things at another angle.

And the immune response is really critical and vital and important for a large amount of reasons. One of them is that, number one, we are facing lots of viruses and bacteria and mold and yeast, etcetera, all of the time. Especially if we are working in public or working in a building with lots of other people, particularly if they are just main line people who do not know anything or do something about health.

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