Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Dark Skinned People And Laser Treatment

By Abigail Brooks

When it comes to patients with dark skin, the laser treatment for them is quite tedious, it requires longer wavelengths, pulses and lower energy to get the job done. Back then, laser creators disregarded individual with a dark skin tone saying that this is not effective for them. The kind of laser technology that we have now has settings that are friendlier to people with dark skin. It is not only in the US that we have people with a darker skin tone.

The producers of such laser would give praise to persons with an ethnic skin, and with that, laser methods done to them have become more well known With the melanized melanosomes and more melanin in the epidermis of the dark skinned ones, the reduction of their melanin is not that great as compared to those with light skin tones. Photo protection can be guaranteed in darker skinned people, since they can receive UV light and disperse it. Creases in the skin as well as skin cancer can be evaded by dark skinned people at a higher success rate than Caucasians.

The dermis of dark skinned beings is quite thick and the mesenchymal activity on it is higher, making them more in danger of having marks and blemishes. The melanin of darks colored people are more compared to Caucasian, and if the same setting is used in them, then they can absorb more energy through it. There is a possibility that other complications will occur, like hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Preventing these problems may have the physician to use cooling processes like gel or ice before or after the process. If ever the procedure is in process or it is done, then the most effective way of cooling is the contact cooling, for this cool down an area in the skin even when the treatment is going on. In line with contact cooling, it is important for sapphire crystals to be present.

Through this, it can be used to cool and at the same time have the pulse go through the sapphire crystals which makes the epidermis cold already. It will not be that effective if one would decrease the energy level of the treatment for those with ethnic skin. If ever an effective treatment is aimed for, then what is needed is a great cooling process and this can help through the reduction of certain skin illnesses and the usage of high energy.

If ever a dark skinned patient wants to have hair removal treatment, then the best option for it are 1,064 nm Nd:YAG lasers and 500nm to 1,200 nm pulse light. In this hair removal process, using a 1,064 nm laser will have the melanin to be absorbed slowly. As this is an advantage for those with dark skin.

The pulse specifications in hair removal treatment for Caucasians is about 10 or 20 ms while it is somewhat higher for dark skinned patients, ranging from 40 m and above. If one was to use bleaching ointments before treatment then they will have a reduced amount of melanin once the treatment is to be done. If you used bleaching ointments and will have a laser treatment make sure that you put sunblock before and after the process.

With hair removal, there goes other treatments that use light and laser technologies such as vascular treatments or tattoo removal and all of these can be applicable for those with ethnic skin. For dark skinned people to have these benefits at the greatest way possible, producers of such technologies would seek out ways on how this can be done. Whatever they have started, they will surely continue it.

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