Sunday, 25 September 2011

What is Right or wrong when it comes to the best times to exercise.

By Bojen Makhob

Determining the best time to exercise can be a fascinating subject. Research currently suggests that the best time of day to exercise is around six o'clock in the evening. The reason is that body rhythms, lung functions, body temperatures, as well as hormone levels are most conducive to exercise at 6 PM. Many people exercise in the morning because of their daily responsibilities. This information is supported by the results of various surveys. People do their workouts in the morning, or during their lunch or other breaks in their day, because it is more convenient. Here is some additional information regarding the best time to exercise.

Is there a time that is best for exercising? That has become an increasingly important consideration for anyone who wants to start a serious fitness exercise program. The reason is exercise is just one more demand on our time. Because exercising regularly is so important, however, any hassles it creates is worth it in the long run. Not having the time or not seeing results are common reasons people use for not exercising. For many people, the bottom about the best time to exercise is whenever they can squeeze it into a busy schedule. It's important to exercise, so find a time that you can stick with and make a habit of it. We'll look into this further in the rest of this article.

Morning workouts are something many people prefer for their own reasons. Alot of people like morning workouts because they tend to feel energized and ready for the day afterwards. Most report feeling like they are more able to tackle any task. Once your blood gets moving you may feel more focused and alert. Your going to be well awake before anyone else in the office.

Many have already discovered the benefits of a weight training routine in the early evening hours rather than in the morning. Around 6 you have optimal hormone levels. Peak times for weight lifting is 2-3 hours after or before this time. Prime time for weight training is around now because of the fact that your muscles are already warmed up and ready for exertion. You'll also find that you are more flexible later in the day.

Whenever possible move your workouts to late afternoon. Many believe there are compelling reasons for doing this. Research proves that we are of course more physically capable of working out in the late afternoon. Endurance is also increased in the late afternoons. At this point we are less prone to injury because our muscles are already warmed up from the days activities. It is always best to stick to afternoon programs regardless of the fitness programs.

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