Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tips To Help You To Lose Weight

By Julia Knight

Take it slowly losing weight is a slow process involving lifestyle change. Like all major changes it takes time, you need to change the way you look at food as well as what you eat to keep the weight off.

You can go on a miracle or crash diet, but in reality most of them do not work and the few that do, do not result in long lasting weight loss. If you lose weight too quickly your body thinks it has happened because of starvation and takes steps to protect you from future starvation by storing more of what you eat when off the diet as fat, so you quickly put the weight back on.

The recommended weight loss per week is around 0.45-0.9kg (1-2lb). So set realistic goals, and take it steady.

Exercising for thirty minutes a day is recommended, and the NHS says this should be "anything that makes you slightly out of breath and warmer than usual". That doesn't have to be a chore, depending on what you choose!

If you are not used to exercising start slowly build up your stamina. Go swimming,, use the stairs instead of the lift or walk instead of taking the bus. Every little bit helps.

Healthy eating is a very important element of any weight loss. You need to get into the habit of eating a better balance in your diet so that the weight stays off once you have finished your diet. You will grow to love your healthy snacks as much as you once loved crisps and chocolate snack bars.

Having supportive family and friends around is vital. They can pick you up when things aren't going so well, and keep you on track when you feel like raiding the biscuit tin. You can still enjoy special treats for example your mum can still cook you a cake it just needs to be a low or zero fat one like a tea loaf.

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