Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sun Damage To Skin And Helpful Tips On How To Avoid It

By Cilobron Shean

It is only after a lengthy period of time that one experiences the results of over-exposure to the sun. Cells harmed lead to dry lifeless skin, early aging, wrinkles, cancerous lesions on hands and forearms. Sun damage causes skin to bruise and tear easily and in acute instances to veins damage and resulting bleeding under the skin.

Unfortunately when has had a lengthy period of over-exposure and the resulting damage one finds oneself forever at a disadvantage as the progression is relentless. A good sun block is a must and one should always check the expiry dating as block-out products are useless once they have passed their sell by dates.

Sprawling in the sun soaking up a tan may have turned into a risky pastime with the dangerous ultra violet rays causing so many problems. Practical skin care safeguards and preventative measures are a must to avoid premature skin degeneration.

No one wants to have brown age spots but too much sun brings them on early and once they are there one can do little about it. They are often not problematic but occasionally they can be, and one should visit one's general practitioner to have them checked and treated.

Pre-cancerous skin changes include red, scaly lesions especially on the face, ears, back of hands and lower lip. Any spot or mole that bleeds, itches or is flaky and sore should be checked out immediately.

If one is careful and prevents going out during noonday hours and covers up on cloudy days one is on the right prevention track. Harmful UV rays in tanning booths should also be avoided.

Fair skinned, blond and red haired people with light color eyes and small children are especially at risk. One needs to instill a preventative outdoor regime from an early age to limit Sun damage and its dangerous consequences.

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