Saturday, 10 September 2011

Insight Into The Garmin 305 Heart Rate Monitor

By Aulden Warbrooke

My hubby is really a sport and fitness enthusiast. He goes to a health club a few days a week, jogs around the neighbourhood in the morning and does all kinds of exercises and workouts. He also has a variety of devices to measure his steps, the miles he runs and his heartbeat. He had this alien-looking heart rate monitor (hrm) he used to wear on his wrist when he's exercising. I really did not like it. On our anniversary, I made the decision to provide him a brand new gadget because I simply could not stand looking at his old heart monitor. I searched online and sought out the very best heart rate monitor and the one which looks, well, normal. That is when I discovered the Garmin Forerunner 305.

The first thing I noticed in the Garmin heart rate monitor is that it's sleek and elegant design. It pretty much looks like a wristwatch, only a little bigger. I thought to myself that it was the one I wanted to give my him, so I looked for consumer review sites and I was quite impressed with the feedback of satisfied users.

The Garmin heart rate monitor has GPS, or global positioning system. Even if the user is running or jogging under a canopy of trees, signal can still be picked up for the transmission of data.

Heart rate monitors are a bit pricey. The one I chose costs about $136 on average, but I must say that the price is worth it because of the very useful features of the device. Heart rate monitors are designed to be shock proof so that whenever the user is exercising, the monitor is cushioned against strenuous moves.

The most effective factor in regards to the Garmin heart rate monitor watch is it provides a small USB port, to make sure that the data collected on different occasions might be saved inside the computer for future use. Now my husband tracks his progress with the computer. He transfers data from the device onto his computer and reviews them and sees if he should accelerate his pace or decelerate just a little.

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