Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Increased Eating of Organic Foods

By Vanessa Summer

Boost In Organic Food Sales Increases Dramatically

Over the last fifteen years, organic items have sold enough to nearly be considered mainstream. If you went back to the 1990's, you could only obtain organic foods in upscale grocery stores or wellness food co-ops, but now you can find them in any supermarket. Not only have organic goods become more available, but with more people buying them, they have also become more affordable. More organic items are being bought by the general population, and this is leading to more awareness, and this is good for the environment as well as production of even more organic products.

This improved awareness leads to larger demand which leads to increased production of organic foods. There will be a downward pattern in organic food prices as the production and demand for them continues to go way up. Organic and natural product sales increased at an impressive 20% each year during the 1990's until they hit $9 billion in the beginning of the 21st century. Today more than 70 per cent of consumers in the US, at some time or another will buy organic food.

Most of the present indications are that organic production is not going anywhere, and that it is not only good for the well-being of the people, but also for the environment. It had been only 15 years ago that the majority of people had no idea what organic food meant. Today, plenty of people are completely aware that organic foods contain no chemical substances, pesticides or hormones. Organic growing is more than simply substituting natural substances for synthetics is a system of growing good food, within the boundaries of nature. It won't matter much if this is done inside your backyard garden, or is done on a larger scale by the organic farmer.

The major component of organic growing is employing healthy soil that can help grow plants that are resistant to disease and pests naturally. Organic is better since continuous soil advancements are the ways that organic growers are oriented towards disease prevention, rather than using chemicals the way conventional growers cure disease. Organic producers are looking for long-term success for their crops while mainstream farmers only look for the quick-fix of chemicals. When you grow crops organically, it can be accomplished just about anywhere. Using chemicals and poisons to cultivate crops will lead to land that cannot be used for anything else. Using organic food creation, the local water system won't be contaminated.

The organic system utilizes safety and personal health as a motivational factor, because they live where they grow the food. Organic food techniques are generally sustainable so they are a benefit to everyone, especially as it respects the natural environment.

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