Sunday, 11 September 2011

Astragalus: The Neutralizer

By Brandon Daemon

Having a surplus or deficiency of chi can cause either Jing loss or a Jing storage. If we have a deficiency of chi, we are going to start to hook directly into our Jing savings account and truly start to shorten our lifespan, truly undermine our health. If we are able to have a surplus of chi, a surplus of everyday energy over a significant period of time, we're actually going to be in a position to build Jing and deposit energy into our checking account that's then going to push and lengthen our lifespan.

Astragalus is a fairly important and significant herb to be taking at this moment, because the seasons are changing and we are going from summer into the Indian summer, which is that in-between time between summer and autumn, and then from autumn we are going into winter. Now since astragalus is a chi and a blood tonic, it's going to help us stay warm, it's going to help us have better circulation, it will help us keep our extremities warm, and help build up our body's resistance to cold and what's called "noxious energy" that may come at us as the seasons are changing.

It's also a great immune tonic, explaining why it's really important at this time at this time of the year, because this is the time of the year when everyone starts to become ill, everyone is beginning to catch a cold and catch a pathogen and miss work, whatever. This is really when that energy is beginning to creep up. Because we're going from the energy of the earth component, which is linked with Indian summer, we're going into autumn or fall, which is connected with the lungs.

What can occur is our lung energy or lung chi can start to be deficient, our spleen chi can be deficient, so folks get dry lungs, dry throat, and then their immunological reaction gets a little puny and then they catch a cold, and then all these things start to happen. This is a prime time of the year to begin to build up our chi, build up our immunological reaction, and start to make certain we're keeping our body warm and keeping our defensive energy robust. Astragalus is the ideal herb to start to take right at this time because it's in sync with what nature is doing with the seasonal changes.

Astragalus is likely one of the most well-liked and most well-tolerated and handiest chi tonics. Now as we start, I want to state, distinguish and make clear that when I mean chi and energy, I do not mean kick, I don't mean a jolt or a burst of energy like we will be able to regularly associate with the term "energy" or "energy tonic."

Astragalus extract is something that you can take at night prior to going to bed, you can take it any time and it isn't going to offer you energy in that sense. When people think energy, we think coffee, we think Red Bull, whatever, so I just want to make clear that astragalus does not act like this, it does not act on the nervous system, it doesn't excite the adrenals, it doesn't irritate at the body in any fashion. It produces more energy in the body at the elemental level by toning up the basic cellular processes that actually generate our energy.

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